Ask yourself, do you still are the man that you married your spouse, or you've lost along the way? It is no secret that many people during the period of courtship are trying to show their best side: women get dressed up, smile often, show concern and understanding towards the man. And these same women, changing status, relax and become careless in relation to their appearance and their behaviour. They can afford to go when her husband raspolahaly, and tearing at him in a bad mood. Similarly, the act of men. This negligence is the first step to the loss of senses. And if you want to return the same feelings, become the woman that married your husband.
Often talk. In the evenings, any city flooded with couples who go slowly through the streets and can't stop talking. And all because talking is another sign of love. When people love each other, they tend to share with my half of everything that happens in their lives. When people stop talking, the love goes away. So if you see that conversation in your pair occur less, this Wake-up call. Try to find time to talk with her husband, even if you're very busy.
Make compliments to your husband and say that you love him. Over time, these words begin to pronounce less, and after that they kept the love. Make a habit every morning to Wake up my wife with a gentle smile and say how much you care about him. It's simple, but such action will help to keep the love for years to come.
Love is fading from boredom, so try to make your life interesting and varied. Present your spouse surprises, arrange joint travel to interesting places both of you, think over your leisure not to miss.