To connect the automatic washing machine through a hole, sufficient to cause drillers to bring the pipes and install the pump with the water tank. Then you can connect the washing machine just as if it were a Central water system. To hole to connect other electrical appliances and plumbing (such as dishwashers, toilets, showers). One well is able to fully replace the system of Central water pipeline. But this method has one drawback. This installation system will require significant material costs. And if you are not ready, you should consider other options.
Instead of the well can be used well and to connect a washing machine from him. You need to spend from the well pipe, pumping station and connect the water supply to the washing machine. Before priming the hose is to install additional magnetic or mechanical filter, as the water from the well can be impurities that can lead the machine to malfunction.
If you connect the washing machine to the well or the well is not possible, then you can use the tank. It is necessary to install capacity above the level of the washing machine. For a single wash cycle enough tank with a volume of 100-150 litres. Most models of modern washing machines require a water supply with pressure. For this you need to connect the pumping station. If the machine without the control time of the Bay water, the pump is not required.
The last option is to connect the washing machine without running water is pour water on their own, via the compartment for powder. This method is suitable only for machines with the lower level of the water in the tank. If this condition is not met, the wash program will be off and the machine will fail.