Install the pump as close as possible to the well. The installation location should be good ventilation and zero temperature. Fasten it to a rigid base, so that during vibration at work, he couldn't move.
The pipe to connect the plastic. Their inner diameter should not be less than the nozzle of the pump. In the suction line install the suction valve. If the water column is below 4 meters or your pipeline has a greater length, suction pipe, use larger diameter than the diameter of the inlet of the pump. In order to avoid air pocket in the intake water pipe route with a slight rise towards the pump.
Never use pipe flexible rubber hose. It can shrink under the influence of vacuum.
Electrical equipment it is desirable to connect the professional. If you want to connect it yourself, then make sure the parameters of the mains with the data on the nameplate of the pump. Provide the most reliable ground. Be sure to install safety automata. Single-phase motors are equipped with thermal relay protection and can be connected to the mains. Three phase connect through the appliance, is adjusted in accordance with the current data.
Before starting, fill the pump casing with water through the top screw hole. You can't run the pump dry. For protection from damage better to put the special device from running dry.
After filling the pump with water, connect electrical equipment and piping to adjust the pressure in the pump in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Adjusting the pressure of the pump can be enabled.