You will need
  • Board games (chess, checkers, dominoes, etc.), a collection of logical and mathematical tasks, a pen, a sheet of paper, themed pictures
Encourage your child to Express their opinions, evaluate events, to speculate. Learning to think logically, the child will begin to do the same.Start the phrase and let the child finish. For example: "the Car can go, because... , "warm outside, because... , "If you cut your finger, then...
Play chess. This game, which has a history of several thousand years, teaches us not only to develop logic, but also to develop a strategy, to be patient, attentive, guessing the opponent's moves and analyze the current on field situation.
Buy a collection of entertaining problems. Solving them is interesting to both adults and children. In addition to problems in the development of logic, there are also tasks with the trick, where is the solution that first comes to mind is unlikely to be correct.
Practice to make a logical chain. Ask the child to draw a circle, square, triangle and then repeated the following sequence of geometric figures several times. Ensure that the baby does not violate the desired consistency.
Pay attention to mathematical games and tasks. Logic and mathematics are closely linked, mastering the science, a child will certainly possess the other. Solution of tasks for compliance, the passage of mazes, preparation of logical chains also contributes to the development of logic.
Ask the child to sort in a specific order pictures depicting the actions of some of those characters. It can be fragments of a familiar kid fairy tales, or just a set of scenes in which there is a clear logical sequence.