To develop your logic, it is best to do logic games. Play them love all because every adult at heart still a child. Therefore, if in the game, something to remember, to be careful to strain your brain, then it's worth playing. For you and for your children this holiday at leisure would be very useful.
You can porazgadyvat crosswords, puzzles or logic problems to develop logical thinking. Or it is better to play chess, cards, backgammon, checkers or dominoes. But be careful here - the logic may develop into the excitement and dispute.
Many publishers now produce literature, which helps to develop logic in children. They pile of interesting tasks, tests, and crossword puzzles. Buy for fun and play all together. It's great fun!
To develop the logic, use the computer. There are lots of different games and programs which are designed specifically for the development of abstract, analytical and logical thinking. But here, themselves must be tightly controlled and to spend a certain amount of time.
To develop the logic required more than once a year and as often as possible. This damage will not be accurate. People who like to think in life usually are not lost. They understand situations faster than others and find not just one, but multiple outputs and decisions. So, don't skip puzzles, riddles and fun puzzles. Play with your friends in a sea battle, the city, spend your leisure is not only fun, but also useful. This will help you to maintain your brain in the right tone.