Boil 3 teaspoons of coffee. Allow to settle and drain the liquid so that at the bottom was very thick sediment. This method is used to learn the fate of Gad. And the fate of the guest you can learn by watching the Cup from which he drank. Whether it grinds fresh or old is not important. The main thing that it was almost dry at that moment, when you begin guessing.
Take a clean white plate and wipe it well. Pour the thick on the plate, but just before the half. Give her a bit to settle and cool. Then within a minute, tilt the plate in all directions. Then carefully pour all the contents of the plate into another vessel. On the plate should not be water. There will be only pieces of grounds. Varied their location is a set of drawings, which will tell your destiny.
Convex and many lines means a happy and long retirement. If the lines are not so numerous, they portend improvement in the financial situation. If the middle of the plate there is a line, whose length is 2-3 cm, it means that you will find a long journey that will be happy and joyful. If the lines are point, the way you can chase obstacles and challenges. If the line stretches to the edges of the plates, then you will travel abroad.
Full circles indicate the receipt of money or inheritance. A circle with 4 points visible, wondering if the woman confirms her pregnancy. 2 laps – born twins. Carefully consider the form of the resulting circle. If it is closed, presumably a son, if not – most likely daughter. If one of the circles enclosing the 4 points, the curve is accompanied by a sinuous line, it means the baby will be smart. When winding line constitutes the second circle near the circle, this tells us that the child is born a genius.
A wreath marks grace known persons. Diamonds portend success in love and light win over the opposite sex. If you formed a certain number of round shapes, you are waiting for obstacles and troubles. But if at the end of these figures has a triangle, then your patience will be rewarded, dreams will come true.
The cross is located among the drawings, it foretells a peaceful death, which will come soon. 4 adjoining cross predict a long and serious illness. 3 cross sometimes portend success in the world.
A large number of squares means a lot of trouble and grief. Oval shape promise success in business. Triangle will bring you an honorary position. But if 3 triangles are adjacent, it means that soon you'll be rich.