You will need
  • - activated charcoal
  • urological collection
Diathesis is a kind of allergies to food, accompanied by unpleasant sores that stay long on the body and cause an itchy effect. Diathesis may cause the most common foods – milk, meat, egg. It occurs when the body very much intoxicated and harmful substances give the body about excess in the body. If not diathesis is accompanied by acute complications that require urgent medical treatment, the first step of treatment is a full body cleansing, which includes colon cleansing.
Daily use of two tablets of activated charcoal will allow the intestines quickly be cleaned. Urological collection once a day will help the rapid withdrawal of unnecessary substances which the intestine does not have time to excrete.
Well established in the treatment of Allergy in adults a psychological method. Certain mental-emotional experiences cause diatese-allergic reaction. Most likely, you do not accept in my life, something bothers you and the body gives a response in the form of diathesis. If it is accompanied by complications of the type of angioedema, be sure to consult a doctor and take medicines to relieve the acute condition.
For a full treatment of Allergy need to find the cause that caused rashes on the body. Treatment medicines only relieves the results already achieved, not by removing the cause, so diathesis occurs again.
Comprehensive treatment of a rash, using medicines, clean the body and psychological method, to help completely get rid of it, and enjoy life without limiting themselves in delicious and healthy food.