Advice 1: Than to smear the cheeks of the child at diathesis

Increasingly, we see kids with red spots on his cheeks. To find out the cause of these lesions without the help of a doctor is sometimes impossible. But to eliminate the consequences of possible and even necessary.
Than to smear the cheeks of the child at diathesis


In pharmacies, a large selection of creams and ointments, anti-Allergy. But do not hurry to buy one of them and smeared the child's cheek diathesis, even if a friend recommends this product and says that her baby is helped. Many of these products contain corticosteroid hormones, particularly those that help to quickly. It is worth listing the most popular ones in order for parents to know what creams alone cannot be used: "Celestoderm", "Akriderm", "Elokom", "Advantan", "Fluorine", "Case", "Ftorokort", and some others.

Despite the fact that modern drugs with raging hormones minor, use them only as directed by physician and only if other means are not effective. The younger the child, the more dangerous for it, the uncontrolled use of hormonal ointments.

If the baby is still prescribed one of these medications, you need to follow precautions: do not use the product longer than recommended by a doctor (usually about 5 days); to handle exceptionally damaged skin.

Non-hormonal creams and ointments

Lubrication of the cheeks in diathesis-hormonal means, the most safe for children.

"Fenistil gel relieves irritation and itching, has a local anesthetic effect. Approved for use from the first days of life.

"Elidel" has anti-inflammatory properties, can be used with 3 months.

If the child has weeping cheeks, well help ointment against rash based on zinc: "Destin", "Diadem", "Cendol", "Zinc paste," and others. They form a protective layer on the skin, prevent the penetration of germs, reduce inflammation and dried.

"Bepanten" (similar to "Panthoderm", "Panthenol", "D-panthenol") recommended for dry skin, has a regenerating effect. Can be used from birth, including for prevention. "Èmolium" also effective from dryness, nourishes fats and hydrates the epidermis, restores the water-lipid layer and soothes and elasticizes the skin, relieves itching.

Recipes of traditional medicine

Has beneficial effects for diathesis a decoction of Bay leaf. In a glass of water you need to take the 6 Bay leaves. Boil for 10 minutes, then allow to cool and add a teaspoon of baking soda. To treat the affected area several times a day.

With weeping cheeks to take one tablespoon melted pork fat, add a few drops of birch tar, mixed and the resulting mixture lubricate the redness.

Advice 2 : What cream to choose from diathesis

Diathesis – a serious disease in children, manifested as a tendency of the baby's body to allergic reactions, respiratory infections, itching, redness of the skin and even the formation of yellow crusts on it, as well as the occurrence of seizures. Diathesis can be treated.
What cream to choose from diathesis

Treatment of Allergy

Still not all the risk factors diathesis. It is believed that its appearance is caused by malnutrition of the mother during pregnancy, as well as from its medication. Moreover, this disease can develop, if in the first months of life the child will eat breast milk harmful products.

Very popular in the treatment of Allergy are various creams and medicinal ointments that help to eliminate many of the symptoms of this disease. There is a huge amount of drugs, they are divided into two groups: hormonal and non-hormonal. The choice should not make a mother, and attending physician of the infant in accordance with the individual characteristics of a child.

Hormone cream

Hormonal formulations diathesis is a cream which has the most effective effect, they effectively fight the disease, due to the ability to run the internal mechanisms of cleansing the child.

In the hormone group includes the following creams: "Elokom", "Advant" and "Celestoderm". The first is used primarily to combat the rash, it has anti-inflammatory effect and apply to the affected skin once a day during the week.

"Advant" is cream which should be used only from the age of four months. Newborn he will not help but only hurt. Apply "Advant" once a day, duration not longer than four weeks.

Celestoderm has antiallergic effect and is suitable from six months babies. Applied to the skin up to three times a day and used no longer than 10 days.

Non-hormonal cream

Nonhormonal remedies is also widespread. This group includes the following creams: "Dimedrolum-zinc", "Elidel", "Fenistil gel".

The choice of the cream of this group should be approached very carefully, as the wrong tool can cause an allergic reaction. "Dimedrolum-zinc cream is used in removing itching and various dermatoses. It is applied to affected skin 2 to 3 times a day and apply with six months.

"Elidel" perfectly relieves itching, inflammation, and histologic manifestations in babies. This drug must be applied with three months, rubbing the child's skin several times a day. The course duration is not more than six months.

"Fenistil gel" requires special precautions, it is necessary to apply to the skin point, so as not to cause an allergic reaction.
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