The first thing you need to realize that the fear of dogs is a problem for you. It's possible that you live in a densely populated urban area where the dogs no one keeps and no dogs to associate do not plan to. Then to get rid of the fear you will not succeed, but it you don't need to. If you realized the problem is the first step to recovery from a phobia.
Try to slowly get used to the dogs. If your district has access to the dog walk, go back and watch how the owners train their animals. Don't get too close – you were just getting rid of phobias. Try to come to the dog Park several times a week.
If you have friends with well-behaved dogs that go to visit them. Let the landlord will give you a few moments to spend with the dog, wagging you tail, and then ban it in the room. With each arrival of the guests try to communicate with the animal a little longer than last time. Tell the landlord that trying to get rid of phobias, he's probably happy to help you. The main thing – do not go to your friends whose dog is aggressive and can bite – this will exacerbate your fear.
Once you learn to get along with an individual dog is your buddy, you can go further. Try to just ignore everyone you have met the dogs. You have already seen that not every dog wants to bite you. If you can not pay attention to people walking dogs, you will become not interesting to them.
As a final step you can do to get a puppy. To be afraid of two month old baby, who consider you mother, is incredibly difficult. And even after the dog grows up, for you he would still be Bolshenarym pet.