So, first you need to learn one rule, cats are very sensitive creatures. To introduce the cat to the owner should be gradual and not Intrusive. If the first time your pet is off the owner – nothing. Is not necessary to forcibly hold the cat on his hands and wait for it you will abccarpet.
To accustom the cat to the owner should gradually. To start, start it just to pet or scratch behind his ear. Then try to lure her with something (e.g. a piece of sausage) closer to your palms. As soon as the pet approached, do not just nervous enough on hand to keep near me. We need to make sure that the cat was distracted or forgot for the time that she's near your palms.
It should be noted that a small kitten is easier to accustom to the hand, than the adult cat. For adult cats will have to be patient.
If your pet is showing you signs of attention, that's good. For example, a cat can go with you in one bed or sit with you on the same sofa. Affection and love on the part of the pet should be encouraged.
You also need to understand that not every cat likes touching. Then we must resort to more serious measures. For example, you can purchase at any pet store special cat spray with a high content of pheromones. Nabryzga this spray the palm of your hand, you sweep as the cat itself will be attracted to you. But do not very often resort to this method as the cat may be addictive and develop the reflex to this medicine. Subsequently, you will be hard to wean cat from this medication. You can also use a special Catnip.
Cats are very touchy creatures. If you have ever hurt your pet, it is unlikely that he will just jump on the hand. Should be treated more carefully and is sensitive to the cat. If you give the cat the love, joy and affection, a cat will answer you the same. So don't despair if in the first month a pet and not used to hands.