The main symptoms of oophoritis: a disorder of urination, pain in the lower abdomen, the appearance of copious purulent discharge, severe pain during intercourse. In acute inflammation of the ovaries the treatment is carried out only in stationary conditions. In the early stages of the disease are appointed antibacterial agents (antibiotics) broad spectrum. If the inflammatory process is severe, it is possible to assign detoxication therapy. After the course of antibiotic therapy is prescribed course of resolving therapy and physiotherapy treatments: balneotherapy, quartz.
In subacute stage of oafrica is the physiotherapy (UVCH, iontophoresis with zinc, calcium, magnesium, etc.). In the presence of purulent cysts, tumors, exudates in the pelvis and fallopian tubes, it is expedient to puncture through the vaginal vault, suctioning of purulent content and inflammation of antibiotics. Puncture usually repeat at least 3-4 times.
To increase the protective forces of the body are prescribed a multivitamin, conducting a course of autohemotherapy, the rate of injection of aloe.
In the treatment of chronic inflammation of the uterus leading place is physical therapy.
Physiotherapy treatments are assigned based on the predominance of certain clinical manifestations of the disease. All chronic inflammatory processes of uterine appendages may be divided into 3 main groups: 1st group – with a predominance of exudation, 2nd- with predominant pain, 3 with a prevalence of adhesions in the pelvis.
In marked exudative process during oophoritis appoint a SCV or DCV-therapy and therapy with an alternating magnetic field of low frequency; with a slight exudation therapy magnetic field UHF. When pain syndrome - pulse low frequency currents (diadynamic therapy, and amplipulse). When expressed adhesive changes in the pelvis after suffering oophoritis, ultrasound is used in a pulsed (intermittent) mode radiation.
Further treatment of patients with inflammation of the ovaries is carried out mainly for balneological and mud resorts. On SANATORNO-resort treatment send only those patients in whom previous physiotherapy had a positive effect. Mud cure resorts is often efficiently combined with physical and hormonal.
In the absence of effect from conservative therapy surgical treatment of oophoritis.
Absolute indications for surgery: peritonitis, the threat of a breakthrough of tubo-ovarian abscess, bowel obstruction based on adhesions of the disease. Relative indications for surgery: inflammation and swelling of the ovaries, which are accompanied by persistent pain not amenable to conservative treatment.