The bench press is a basic exercise for the development of the chest muscles. It can run medium, narrow and wide grip on flat bench, on the bench with tilt up and tilt down. To pump up the bottom breast, it is necessary to do bench press wide grip on the bench with a slope down 35-45 degrees. To perform the incline press you need the help of a partner who will take your rod and put it back. Do this exercise by yourself is risky.If there is not specialized bench for a reverse bench press, incline bench press for pumping. Important mounting foot. You should not slide during the execution of the bench press. Inhale lower the barbell to your chest closer to the solar plexus. Elbows dissolve in hand, cross in relation to the torso. Try not to press them to yourself. So you transfer the load on the triceps. After touching your chest squeeze the barbell up while exhaling.
Dumbbell bench press lying on the bench with a slope downward runs in a wide arc to make maximum use of pectoral muscle to isolate and work the triceps. Grip the dumbbells at the top. In the starting position the dumbbells are directly over you, touching the disks to each other. On the inhale, dilute with dumbbells in hand. Elbows dilute "cross", as in the bench press. Exhale – I. p.
Dips primarily involve your triceps. However, performing push-UPS on the wide bars helping to load and the bottom of the breast. Pick a load that allows you to do push-UPS 8-10 times. The load is usually hung on the belt using the belt hook on it. As cargo can be a weight or a drive.
Pullover shakes the chest, but it helps to expand the volume of the chest and visually enlarge it. It is made with light weight for 8-10 times until you feel the stretch in the rib area. Running on a flat, horizontal bench with a dumbbell. Lie on your back, head is at the edge of the bench. Hold a dumbbell with both hands around the abdomen and lower part of the chest. On the inhale, bring the dumbbell behind your head. On the exhale, return to I. p., you Can perform pullover and breadth of the article, basing on her shoulders. Pullover to perform better in front of the bench press and dips then.