You will need
  • - the horizontal bar;
  • - Grif;
  • - a set of "pancakes" for the rod
  • - two dumbbells;
  • - the Crossover trainer.
Pumping breast occurs according to the same principle as the pumping of the remaining muscle groups. The pectoralis consists of the upper, middle and lower beams. Depending on the exercises and techniques of its implementation depends on the area exposed to the training. Women need to pay attention to the top of the beams to maintain the beautiful shape of the breast, men can train the entire zone.
Include in the training program, bench press. It is considered the most effective in the struggle for beautiful Breasts in men and in women. This basic exercise is working all the bundles of the thoracic muscles. From grip and the bench on which you exercise depends on what areas of emphasis. For example, if you press to the top of the chest, the largest exposures are the upper beams, and the classic bench press is considering average. Simply put, what part of the chest you put the stamp, and that is training.
Remember that the bench press is not entirely isolated exercise. When executed, the work includes not only the muscles of the chest, but the front of the Delta and triceps. As the triceps and Delta are underdeveloped muscles, tired in the first place, it is they, and not those areas, which are aimed at your effort. To thoroughly work out the pectoral muscle, is not yet tired muscles-synergists, perform bench or at the beginning of the workout, then finishing off through isolated exercises, or late, to ensure that the load is evenly distributed on all muscle areas including synergists.
In addition to the bench press is certainly follow the distributing of hands with dumbbells on a horizontal bench. Lie on bench and hold hands with dumbbells in front of you. Slowly arms out from sides at a level just below the level position. Return to starting position.
Suck a breast with a hand on the crossover. Stand underneath the equipment, slightly pushing forward some leg. Grab the handlebars with both hands, while slightly bending your elbows, and slowly reduce, then return to the starting position. Joining hands at the bottom, you pump the lower beams of the muscle, and the above - the upper.
Competent performance of basic and isolated exercises, coupled with a fitness diet, will help you notice results in about a month. But, training never forget about the individual characteristics of your body and adjust the exercises as often as every three weeks.