You will need
  • the thread for yo-yo;
  • - yo-yo.
To get started, buy the string (rope) yo-yo in the store where you purchased the toy. The set is typically of the order of 100 multi-colored ropes. Take the rope in hand and in accordance with the growth calculate its required length. The optimal length of thread equal to the distance from the navel (belly) to the floor plus 10 cm, 2 cm loop fasteners, and 8 cm for the engagement of the thread by the hand during the game.
Next step – loop. To do this, make a small ring, fold the previously measured 8 cm threads widowed and in the middle of a self locking tie a double knot. The result is a loop. Trim off the excess short end of the rope.
Put the rope on the middle finger (better than average) "handedness" (right or left), then tighten it so that there is only a small loop, which is fixed in the finger.
Now proceed to mount thread yo-yo. To do this, Unscrew the toy, take the opposite end of the thread and a little scroll in his hand, that he has fractured into two strands. Pull (slide) the resulting loop on a bearing yo-yo.
Well, here's the thread, yo-yo tied, now assemble the toy and try it in action. Some players sometimes have to scroll down the thread several times around the bearing axis, thus obtaining a double loop, which provides greater returns.
To wind the string , place the finger between the hemispheres yo-yo and do 1 turn of thread to pass around the finger. Then move the finger wrapped around the string and make four regular spiral. Then remove your finger and continue to wrap the thread. Note that, if the screw thread in a clockwise direction, thereby empowering spiraled, if on the contrary, weaken.
To play keep the toy in his hand palm up. The thread should reach from the middle finger and the top to turn around a yo-yo, otherwise will not work well to drop the toy.
After performing the above manipulation of the yo-yo can be used for a pleasant pastime.