Advice 1: How to make bouquet of flowers

Bouquet of flowers is a universal gift for all occasions. Moreover, the hands of an experienced florist can create miracles and transform any bouquet into a work of art. Still, the value of a gift is not measured by money, and invested in him love and attention. Therefore, even without special education or experience, each of us can offer and make a bouquet of living flowers in their hands.
To make a beautiful bouquet you can help the imagination and good taste
You will need
  • - flowers;
  • - ribbon or cord;
  • - decorative greenery;
  • - optional accessories (frame, packing material).
Before you start drawing up a bouquet, pick up some flowers for him. This issue is very important to consider the age, gender, appearance and, of course, personal taste of who designed bouquet. To avoid embarrassing blunders, stick to the basic rules of flower etiquette. For men, choose a large, three-dimensional, high flowers. For example, gladioli, irises, Hippeastrum. Women fit more tender plants – roses, lilies, tulips. Carnations are presented with Mature and elderly people. The most universal flowers are gerbera daisies, they can give almost everyone.
The preparation of the bouquet is a creative work requires training and understanding of the future creation. Think carefully about the form and appearance of future floral arrangements. Be sure to pay attention to the shape of flowers and leaves, this will help you to keep the harmony between all elements of the bouquet. It is also important to place the correct accents and choose materials, but every artist relies entirely on your personal taste.
For the preparation of the bouquet besides flowers, you will need tape for cords, decorative greenery, and any additional accessories on request. The easiest option of making the bouquet is parallel. Take the largest flowers, and place them in the center of the future of the bouquet. Around add smaller flowers. Framing the resulting composition will be decorative greenery. Tie the bouquet with ribbon. Trim the stems of flowers to same length.
Spiral bouquet is more complex, but also more original. This option will look magnificently even with a small number of colors. To compile a spiral bouquet of flowers, prepare and lay before him on the table. Gather the bouquet in your left hand, and right alternately add the flowers. Keep the stems of the flowers touch each other only where they are held by the fingers of the left hand.
Take a large flower that will be in the center of the composition, and set it upright. Subsequent elements of the bouquet lay a bit diagonally, as if in a spiral. If you add flowers to the front, then tilt them from left to right. Increase the angle of inclination as the content of the bouquet. In this position the flowers so that the inner and outer elements were almost identical in length. Then your bouquet will be beautiful rounded shape. Plants with small flowers and delicate foliage can slightly elevate above the surface of the bouquet.
When the composition is ready, place it on the edge of ornamental leaves. They need a little push over the edge of the bouquet to get a neat cuff. Then tightly twist the bouquet with a ribbon or cord. Carefully trim the stems of the flowersto make a smooth base.
Flowers for the bouquet, you need to prepare in advance, removing them with extra leaves and thorns. Lily, you must remove the anthers so that the pollen does not stain clothes.
Useful advice
Spectacular look to any bouquet will give a packaging material, which can be purchased in a flower shop. You can also buy a ready-made frame and based on it to come up with an interesting floral arrangement.

Advice 2: Rules of making a bouquet of flowers

In ancient times the flowers were a holiday decoration and décor items in the interior. Despite the differences of time, the tradition to congratulate with bouquets has remained to this day. Flowers help to Express warm feelings and to confess his love. And the house serve as a means of creating comfort. Though floristry is a science and an art with its intricacies and laws, create your own bouquet and to please family everyone can!
 Use soft, pastel colors will not regret it!

If you are making your bouquet for the first time, I advise you to focus on one type of flowers. Each can be attributed to any style. The most common - massive. In this case, between the elements of the bouquet is no free space. An example would be a flower arrangement in a vase. To linear style include the bouquets in which vegetation is used sparingly and each element lives its life and is significant in its own way. Striking and simple example is ikebana.

Массивный и линейный стиль

Stylistic overkill. When composing do not use too many plant species - the work looks sloppy and congested. Limit yourself to 2-3 types of flowers and add decorative greenery.

Like any other creative process, the creation of the bouquet you can split the points:

  • The definition of the shape and composition;
  • The color combination and number of plants;
  • The layout of the bouquet.

You can make a bouquet of the flowers growing in your garden. They should be cut at an angle and place in water. Thick stems should be cut off with garden shears, and grassy with a sharp knife. Be sure to remove the bottom leaves and thorns before you put flowers in the water. Thus they will not decompose and will not corrupt the water, and it can greatly reduce the life of the plants. If you have flowers that have never been used in the preparation of bouquets - update the cut so the stem is not clogged with air and will be able to "drink".

You need to remember that the bouquets are of different sizes and each is preferred for your special occasion. On anniversaries and other major events would be appropriate to present large bouquets. For wedding suit is less bulky. It is important to consider the gender, appearance and personal taste of who presented the bouquet. For men, moderately large, elongated vertically, his whole appearance showing restraint and austerity of lines and shapes. For women bouquets can very different variations, borders for your imagination does not exist.

Мужской и женские букеты

Make a bouquet, with joy in her heart. Because what you feel will be reflected in their color combinations and form. Experiment, create, and give people their creations, because with them You are giving joy and happiness!

Advice 3: How to assemble a bouquet

Modern florists are able to create amazing in its beauty and harmony of bouquets of flowers. But even the most brilliant in the world florists are human beings like us. For the compilation of the ideal from the point of view of Floristics bouquets should, of course, a lot to learn. But just a good and beautiful bouquet you can collect and by using the following tips.
To gather a wonderful bunch, not necessarily to be a professional florist
In the spring bouquet it is best to combine no more than three shades. In addition, it is desirable that the colors also were chosen in a single color. For example, when you compose a spring bouquet of light purple lilacs and tulips, the latter should not choose yellow or red, otherwise the bouquet will look too colorful.
Now, about types of flowers. They can be the bouquet several. The size and texture of the colors you can combine. Smooth, plush, needle, large and small flower heads – you can take any. Thus, flowers with small corollas or pale colors are placed on the edges of the bouquet, and the large and bright needs to take place closer to the center.
Gently combine simple and complex flowers. Explain: delicate and simple field daisies, lilies or daffodils do not combine with bright and exotic tropical orchids or Anthurium. These flowers look tacky. But the extraordinary wildflowers, Solidago, field of iris) can be combined with any color, maintaining them in one color.
May not be in the bouquet a lot of greenery. A variety of herbs complements the bouquet and it should also be chosen according to the rule of combining textures and sizes. For example, for air sprig of asparagus fit tight and carved palm leaf, painted gloss. Only it is not recommended to assemble the bouquet so that the flowers behind the greenery. Only light grains can be positioned above all of the bouquet as a whole.
Flower arrangement will be more interesting to watch, when you use the flowers in different stages of dissolution. The combination of tight buds whose full-time and part colors is a good idea.
The arrangement of colors is also an important detail: they got the bouquet free to look and not be shot down in a heap.
It is also desirable that the height of flowers was also different. This will help to give your bouquet more natural.
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