Materials for composing the flower arrangements

For the compilation of ikebana requires a low capacitance, which will serve as a basis for the preparation of the composition. This can be a ceramic bowl, a small vase, a tray or a saucer or even a piece of bark.

A preference at drafting of ikebana monophonic vessels, a shade which goes well with the colors chosen for the composition. For a bouquet of wildflowers will fit a small basket or a small earthenware vase. Noble garden flowers: chrysanthemums, roses and lilies are harmoniously blended in a porcelain or glass containers.

If the plants are colorful and bright are the main element of the composition, choose a modest one-color capacity. When you need to make a bouquet in a beautiful and elegant vase, it will become the main focus of ikebana, so pick the soft flowers and branches.

Ikebana can be not only from flowers, but from the most unlikely of plants, for example, to use the ordinary cauliflower and garnish the arrangement with sprigs of dill and parsley. Often the composition is supplemented with fruits and sprigs of berries. Pick unusual material and use unusual forms.

The original ikebana are on a special metal stand — kenzan,but it is quite possible to replace other fasteners. So it is very convenient for this purpose to use a porous sponge floral — piaflor (flowers and plants). If you are going to make a flower arrangement of artificial, dried flowers or dry branches, you can use a piece of foam, dough or sprinkle on the bottom of the tank wet sand or expanded clay.

The rules of composition

The art of making flower arrangements is subject to several rules. The main part is a combination of three elements that symbolize the earth, man and sky.

Install in the selected vase sponge and pour some water. Stalks of plants are cut clean with a knife at an angle and remove any leaves at the bottom of the stem.

In the middle of the sponge stick large branch or flower, it will symbolize the sky (ins). The second element people (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) — should be 2/3 shorter than the first. Put it in a vase and tilt in the same direction as the first branch of sin. The third element of the composition — the earth (hike) is very short, usually the size of the flower is 2/3 of the item in ESR. It should be placed in front of the bouquet and a bit shift, so that the flower was sent in the opposite direction from sin and ESR. All 3 elements should form a triangle.

Complete composition of plant material. The surface of vases or bowls, cover with moss, add twigs and small flowers, put some beautiful stones or a small snag.