Choose the wrapper so that it looked perfect with the shade of the flowers themselves. When making a bouquets it is recommended to use different materials. This can be feathers, pearls, satin, plastic and paper tape, lace fabric, cellophane, a few types of wrapping paper. Very cute decorative butterflies, as if by chance crouched on the bouquetIR. Wrapper could be found in the large live tiles that lend a bouquetfor the extraordinary freshness.
Try to dream. As a rule, the most original and amazingly beautiful bouquetyou get when you put a little patience and love. Unusual look of flowers round napkins with cutwork. Don't be afraid to experiment. You can not wrap the entire bouquet as a whole, but each flower individually.
Focus on what is going about the bouquet. If you want to confess in love, then a gentle reminder may be a small toy in the shape of a heart. If the bouquet is a wedding, then pay attention to its functionality. The bride throughout the day keeps the bouquet in his hands, so you can try to implement it in the form of handbags, for this you will need a rubber band and a small piece of cloth, neatly trimmed on all sides. With the help of pins, gather the edge of the fabric with a rubber band, insert the finished bouquet and tighten. The handle will have plenty of the same fabric, insert the wire and sew.
Ponder every detail. Reliable fixation plays an important role. Prepare a wide satin ribbon to wrap the bouquet, secure with pins for buttonholes. The edges of the pins cut, so as not to scratch hands. Such fixation is indispensable, if no longer used no other packaging.