Fountain pen Parker have reversible filling system bubble ink or capsule Parker. Capsules PARKER QUINK have an extra supply of ink or equipped with redundant capacity. After almost complete emptying of the capsule, click on the end of the capsule. This will released the spare portion of the ink.
That quantity that is contained in the reserve capacity would be sufficient to page letters. This figure, of course, varies depending on the scope of handwriting and pen widths. The amount of ink in one capsule will be enough for holding the line in 800 m. fountain pen nibs Parker use only capsules PARKER, since ink of inferior quality could damage the handle.
For refilling capsule remove cap. With the upper housing, Unscrew the sleeve. Remove the filler with an empty capsule. New capsule insert wide end first. Carefully but quite firmly push the capsule in the hand. When you feel that she made a mistake and maybe will hear a distinctive sound, stop pushing. Now screw the casing back.
For refilling the bottle use two filler: standard rotary piston and in the exclusive design. To fill the handle with the rotary filler, it is necessary to Unscrew the sleeve. To create a vacuum, squeeze the air out of the ink tank by turning the piston in a downward direction.
Feather put in a bubble. Sure that it is completely immersed in the ink and do not get into the air. In any case, do not immerse the filler in ink pen only. The piston screw back to the limit. Remove the pen from a bottle, and by rotating the plunger, drip three drops of ink. Again tighten the piston to the limit. This is required to ensure that the reservoir has been drawn a little air that will prevent leakage. Feather clean.
Refills pen with piston filler poke slide the lever located on the side. So you move the piston. Completely submerge the feather in the vial. To create a vacuum, press the lever downward, and for sucking the ink up. Then remove the pen from the ink. After three drops, pull the lever to failure. Clean the pen.