If you had a chance to install the Windows version for the US or any other English-speaking countries, you can legally, without violating the license agreement to install Russian language editions of Windows Vista/7 Corporate and Windows Vista/7 Ultimate. In the case of other editions, for example, Basic or Home Premium you will have to "hack" the operating system and work with the registry.
To install Russian or any other language after starting Windows, click "start" at the bottom of the screen and select "control Panel". Of course, in the English version it will be called “Control Panel”. You will see on the screen 8 of the large sections of the operating system. In the section “Clock, Language and Region” click “Change display language”.
In the window “Region and Language” click the tab “Keyboards and Languages” and click “Install/Uninstall languages...”, marked with a yellow-blue shield. The screen will be a window installation in which the computer will prompt you to install (Install) or remove (Uninstall) the language pack. Press the wide button “Install display languages”.
In the next step the computer will prompt you to select the location of the language pack: download from the Internet using Windows update (Launch Windows update) or specify the location of the file on your computer (Browse computer or network). If you have any MUI file with the Russian language, choose the second button and through the conduit to specify the location of the file on your hard disk. If file is missing, download it via the Internet.
Once the file is found, click “Next”. You will see the license agreement, accept and click “Next” again. On the screen in the green band displays the download process and install the language pack “English (Russian)”. After installation in the "Progress" you will see "Completed" – "completed." After that again click “Next”.
In the appeared window "Select display language", select "Russian" and check the "Apply display language..." and then click on the "Close"button.
In the window “Region and Language” select the Russian language to display and click “OK”. The installation is completed. Now you need to restart the computer and wait for the launch of the Russian version of Windows.