Open control panel by clicking "start". Go to the menu configuration in languages and regional standards, the screen should appear a setting window with multiple tabs, go to the second, which is responsible for language settings. In this menu you can add different keyboard layouts, edit team for their shift and so on. The default Russian keyboard support Russian input alphabetical characters using the keyboard "alphabet" and English "Latin alphabet". Their switch to user mode of the operating system is configured separately using combinations of two system keys.
Locate the settings button for more options by clicking the appropriate button at the top right of the screen. In the field available on the computer keyboard check for Russian, if such was not, add it with the button on the right. If you need advanced settings, click on the language bar settings at the bottom and check the boxes for the desired items. Here set the visibility of the display panel in the menu at the bottom and keys to switch the input mode from Latin to Cyrillic and back.
If you need to set up Cyrillic on your computer, the operating system interface which is fully in English, make sure that the support of the Russian language were established when installing Windows, this is usually done by default. However, if any parameter is missing in your operating system, you may need to use disk installed on your PC the distribution of the operating system to enable support for Cyrillic. This happens very rarely. The program will auto add support for text services and after that you will need to restart the computer.