You will need
  • - Adobe Photoshop.
In Adobe Photoshop open the desired image (menu item "File" (File) - > Open (Open) or Ctrl+O). Click menu item "Select" Select - > Color range (Color Range). You see the Color range (Color range).
Look for "Choose", he is at the top of the window. Click on it. In the menu you can select a group of colors or of tones, which you can later make transparent. Ie only red, only green, or only blue mid-tones, shadows, etc. If you need a point to choose a single color, specify in this paragraph "samples".
Select "Scatter" (Fuzziness) – it can be used to expand the range of selectable colors. Below you will find selection" and "Image". If you choose the first, then in the preview window of the program will be displayed on the selected region. If the second, then the image will be shown entirely.
In the right part of the window are three buttons with the image of the pipettes. The first of them just a pipette to the second pipette with the plus and the minus. Click the first and click in the preview window or on the document itself according to the colors that you want to make transparent. Select a Highlighted area to see which areas of the image out.
If you want to add color to the selected one, click on the "eyedropper+", then click on this color. If you subtract, then proceed in the same way, only with "the Pipettes-". Selecting the color (or colors), click OK. As you can see, the document of the selected color become highlighted.
In the layers list (if it is not, press F7, press the right mouse button on the background, in the appeared menu choose "Of background" and in the next window – just OK. The background will turn into a layer. Press Delete on the keyboard. The selected area will become transparent.