Spend wisely campaign. If you have the money on advertising in the media, it is not necessary to spend all the money at once on "mass attack" of the buyer. Advertising should be unobtrusive and just informing people about a new product. Too sharp "attack" ads can scare away a customer.
Enter bonuses to your services. People love a freebie, use this feature. For example, if a person will lead to your Barber two friends or acquaintances who had not come to see you, he gets the card for free one-time procedure. It can be a simple haircut or a regular manicure. However, any person will be happy to receive such a bonus.
Arrange regular stock. Arrange a lottery among its clients. Let everyone who uses your service, receives a number, which should be kept, for example, a month or two. At the expiration of the period draw a lottery with nice prizes. Customers not only come back again, while there is room, but will bring friends to increase the possibility of winning in "his circle".
Use the novelty of the Internet sites coupons. The point is that you can sell your services on the site for 50% of the actual cost. All the advertising for you will hold the website and its administration. You will only depend on the comfort came in first time clients. If he likes to your hairdresser, he will come to you again even without the coupon.
Organize a photo exhibition made you styles in a large shopping center or other public place swipe the display of your mastery of the cabin. Stylish and beautiful pictures will attract potential customers. It is important to remember that this kind of PR requires that a person got the same thing that he saw in the picture.