The choice of method of promotion of barbershop depends on its specificity. Than your Barber shop different from others? Rare what services she provides? What spetsializiruyutsya master? Easier and more successful there will be promotion of hairdressing, which occupies a niche - for example, hairdressing for men, etc.
However, the majority of hairdressers still has standard services: haircuts, perms, coloring, manicure and pedicure, sometimes a Solarium. In this case, you can use the standard ways of promotion - promotions, banners and links on women's forum Barber shop on the website, distribution of leaflets. These methods are particularly effective for shops that provide a wide range of services in the medium price segment. In hairdressing economy class, as a rule, low prices on all services - that they attract a range of visitors. Barber middle segment can arrange weekly promotion, making a discount on one type of service, then the other.
It is known that the fair sex in matters of grooming often rely on the opinion of friends. Therefore, the best advertising is of course recommendation and communication. Create group in contact or subject on the forum is easy and inexpensive, and the result will exceed all expectations.
Providing one service, you can advertise another. For example, the woman who did your hair salon Curling your hair, you can give a coupon code for a manicure. Even if she's not doing a manicure, it is quite possible, give it to a friend.
A good way to promote a Barber shop - open the shop of professional hair cosmetics at affordable prices. It's easy to do, because this makeup just began to enter the mass market. In addition, to organize a small makeup counter is very simple technically, it does not need a separate room. Going into a store, the potential client will think about using the opportunity to make a new haircut or styling right there on the spot.