Each certificate issued after the registration of the property is an official form on paper with graining like the banknotes, the state emblem, as well as protection in the form of a watermark. The arms can be replaced with another image, and color vary from dark green to pink. It depends on the region in which the document was issued, its appearance can also vary. In the upper part is always the inscription "Russian Federation", as well as the name of the authority responsible for the registration of the rights to the apartment – the Unified state register.
Further large, different from the rest of the text font must be written the word "Testimony," indicating his view, and the place where the issuing Department of registration service. The document may be written by hand, all its items regardless of the region of production of the same and are filled by a printing method. The first is the issue date of DD.MM.YYYY, immediately behind it are the grounds on which the property owner received her property: the contract of purchase and sale, donation, joint equity participation in the construction, acceptance of different acts.
Listed below are all the new owners of the apartment. Information about them needs to be painted fully: name, date of birth, identity document (passport) and its data (series, number, date and place of issue), registration address at place of residence. This information can be listed in one paragraph or a text paragraph by paragraph. The following line is the right kind. In this case, it should be in the property. Further specifies the object of real estate (apartment) and its location and the total area of the room.
Below is the cadastral number of the apartment is a numerical designation of its location. The first number is assigned according to the region, and the second area, the third locality, followed by a specific parcel number. If for some reason the cadastral evaluation has not been made, then the graph indicates the code number of the real estate. The last point is a registered encumbrances such as a mortgage. Next is a line – confirmation of the registration entry to the Unified state registry with date and number, and the first coincides with the date of issuance, and the second – the cadastral number. Document certified by the signature and official stamp.