Turkish fashion is no different from European or American. Despite the still prevailing misconception about Turkish women wearing the burqa, on the streets you can meet Turkish women in light dresses, shorts, pants and even short skirts. However, the vast majority of people getting dressed all the same in more closed clothes, especially in public places.
Going for a vacation to Turkey, bring different clothes. Open simple and perfect for the beach, recreation on site and excursions. More modest things you will need for exploring the city and visiting mosques. Well, smart clothing will be useful for entering a celebration or dinner in a classy restaurant.
Relax on the beach in anything, even Topless. Remark there is no one, except tourists, will not do. Here it all depends on your moral principles. But to go on a site like this is not very well, especially to appear in a swimsuit in the cafe or at reception. For this you need to throw at least a pair, and even better - to wear a dress or shorts with a t-shirt. And certainly is considered bad form to sit in the wet after bathing things on the General chair or chairs.
Clothes for trips depends on the location. To view the attractions of the city dress in more modest clothing. Well, if it is close to the decollete, arms and legs. Men is better to stop your choice on the pants, shirt or t-shirt. And women definitely need to bring a shawl or long scarf to cover the head. Only in this way you are allowed into a Muslim mosque.
Go rafting or fishing, be sure to wear shorts, sneakers and a t-shirt. And to experience the best the World can use any comfortable clothing: pants, shorts, jackets. If your tour includes swimming in the sea, wear under clothing leotard in advance.
Walking around any city, let us pay homage to the Turkish traditions and not dress provocatively. Your clothes must cover the chest, arms and to get at least to mid-knee. So it wasn't too hot, stop your choice on the things of lightweight opaque fabrics. Women on your head you can throw the handkerchief, and of all the things to choose the dress. Similarly, one should dress for a hike to visit a Turkish family.
For dinner dress in a beautiful evening dress, not forgetting the heels and jewelry. In this outfit you will look there is appropriate. And the man fit the classic clothing – shirt, pants and shoes.