You will need
  • saxophone, metronome, teacher or self-help books with videocourse (best teacher), the notes and the fingering, sheet music
To learn to play the saxophone, the most important thing you should remember – need to be addressed. The tool does not require lengthy interruptions in the classroom. If you engage from time to time, you will never learn to play the saxophone at least tolerable. Daily exercise, by contrast, even brief, can seriously raise your level in a short time.
It is best to find a teacher. It is not a tool that is easy to master independently only for the tutorial. It is also possible, but will require much more effort and time. If you are somewhere mistaken, to tell you the wrong technique can only teacher. And this is a very important argument in its favor.
If you are unable to find a teacher, you have to do everything yourself. One of the main mistakes of beginners is that they try to play as fast as possible. Take your time. You have already learned how to extract the sounds, but now you have to start to do it beautifully. If you learn to produce a pleasant sound quality, the technique will not stagnate. Good sound is a tricky business. From saxophonists to achieve it takes time. If you want to get nice quality sound for every day practice playing long notes.
After long notes to warm up, play arpeggios and scales. This will help to develop the flexibility of your fingers and improve your technique, you will be fluency. While playing, use a metronome. It seems that you have a good feel of rhythm? But from time to time you will stray, to accelerate, etc. the Metronome will not hurt anyone, but he helped all who used it.
If you do without a teacher, from time to time you will need to evaluate your game. Do not rely on the opinions of friends and family – record yourself and listen to these records. So you'll notice where you have a lame sound, where the rhythm is and where the falls picture ringtones. Besides, once you start to record your game, then play harder, not even noticing.
Develop. Listen to saxophone music, go to concerts. You will learn a lot, you will notice some special techniques that are not described in the books, and you wouldn't have guessed to do that.
If you still don't know the notes, you have to learn them. Without this it is impossible to seriously play on this musical instrument, like a saxophone. Musical notation is not a difficult thing. Once you know her better, see for yourself.