You will need
  • key for tube of the crankcase of the variator,
  • - oil – 7 l
In accordance with the regulation maintenance of vehicles equipped with a CVT, replacing in it the grease is run after every 70 thousand miles. But it is subject to exploitation by foreign roads. In hard riding conditions on the Russian expanses, this option is desirable to reduce to 40-50 thousand km.
Despite the fact that the CVT is essentially an automatic transmission, replace the grease in the crankcase it is not more complex than the same procedure with a manual gearbox, but the automatic transmission, which is almost impossible to completely drain the fluid at home. That has generated a lot of rumors, misleading the owners of such vehicles about the complexity of the illuminated process.
Replace the lubricant in the variator is made after the car ride, when the temperature of the liquid in the machine corresponds to the working mode. To this end, the vehicle is installed on the inspection pit, ramp or hoist. Then render the capacity to drain the oil.
Next, from the bottom of the machine on the pallet rotor, Unscrew the drain plug, through which any suitable container is going tucked in a fluid, in quantity about seven liters.
Emptying the crankcase of the variator completely, the tube on his pallet and twisted through the hole, measuring probe to the machine is at the lower mark (Min) is filled with the new lubricant.