You will need
  • key for tube of the crankcase of the variator,
  • - oil for automatic transmission – 7L.
Variable speed, despite the fact that the idea for their creation came to a head by Leonardo da Vinci in 1490, which is schematically depicted continuously variable transmission, and the first patent for invention issued by CVT in 1886, began to explore the automotive market relatively recently, and was a serious competitor auto boxes, everywhere displacing them.
Using the fact that this type of transmission is not well understood by domestic motorists, various rumors about the extraordinary complexity of such devices could quickly spread in certain circles. It is obvious that the decisive factor of misinformation was the economic dimension dealer business, whose members vied with each trying to convince the owners of vehicles with CVT in that maintenance and replacement of the lubricating fluid continuously variable unit can be carried out only under certain conditions and forces of artists, specially prepared for such work.
Let take the liberty to disagree with such sayings. Because the CVT is no such piling up of the gears as in a manual gearbox or "automatic". It includes a set of pulleys that are managed electronically, creating a plurality of gear ratios, allowing you to run the motor with maximum efficiency.
The replacement of the lubricating liquid is produced after driving the car every 45-50 thousand miles. To drain old grease from below on the sump variator, Unscrew the tube and the liquid is removed in a pre-prepared container. Filling the CVT through the hole for the dipstick. That's wisdom.