You will need
  • A report on paper or digital media officer, the evidence of the charges set out in the report.
Anonymous Memorandum to the chief without giving evidence of his guilt often ignored upstream, so to correctly submit a report, not only need to have accurate information about the committed the violation, but also to prepare evidence. As evidence, use any documents, in both paper and electronic media, photos, videos and audio recordings. The testimony of my colleagues do not use as the main proof, since under the pressure of the head people can refuse to testify against him.
Analyze staffing to determine who of supervisors staff report on this head will be the most interesting. In large organizations this may not be the user, and for example, the Board of shareholders or the controlling entity. In some cases, to ensure the success of the memo it is better to choose a few recipients: head of the unit, the security service of the company, the personnel Department and the Board of shareholders.
Check to see if the chief and the recipient of the memo of loved ones, friendship or intimate relationships, otherwise there is a danger of losing not of the head, and work.
Consider and analyze it profitable to submit a report anonymously, or openly. Anonymity gives one a very disputable advantage: protects from possible retaliation by the chief. But don't forget that to discover the author of the memo is not that difficult. In the case of anonymity, a report may simply not reach the addressee. For example, the Secretary just throw it out or delete mail as spam.
If a report is served openly, it can guarantee that it will precisely reach the destination. When filing the report on paper, please ask a officer or Secretary to sign on the copy that the document was received. When filing a Memorandum in the form of e-mail be sure to put high importance mails, request read receipt and in the subject line write what the message carries is very important for the functioning of the enterprise information.