You will need
  • - your passport;
  • - the documents of the vehicle;
  • - resolution of the head of regional traffic police, if you have no registration.
If you registered in one locality and lives in another and bought a car, apply for a temporary registration. Moreover, by law you can not live in the village without a temporary registration for more than 90 days (the RF Government resolution 713). Even if you can negotiate with the head of the regional Department of the traffic police and put the car on the account without registration, you will be forced soon to make it. Temporary registration you can get at the place of residence agreed with the landlady or sign up with friends. As in the presence of temporary registration does not occur the rights for housing and registration is automatically terminated upon expiration of the period specified in the application, the registration does not represent any difficulty.
With a temporary registration you can put the car on the account, if you live or work in the far North or equated territories are on a long business trip, military service, study in universities, work on deep-sea vessels. In all cases, will require the decision of the head of the traffic police or persons in his stead.
You will also need an application filled in a prescribed form, which will be given to the traffic police, your passport, receipt of payment of all charges, which also give the traffic police, vehicle registration document, insurance policy, registration signs on the vehicle, the contract of sale, certificate of inheritance, donation contract, customs documents if vehicle is imported from abroad.
The inspector of traffic police inspect your car and verify the engine number. Within one day your car will put on the account and issue you license plates. If you have a temporary registration at the place of residence or have the registration and put the car on account of a personal decision of the head of regional traffic police, license plates are yellow. When making a permanent residence in this settlement you would have to contact the traffic police to change rooms.