To your followers it was interesting to read your articles, in addition to advertising information fill your mailing free content, just remember to put the name of the author. If you wish, you can turn to freelancers, if you need unique content.
When you composed the text of the letters, the question is how to send them. You can do it manually. The easiest way is to use Outlook. This method may seem convenient only if your contact list up to 30 addresses. All you need is to write the letter and to select those addresses to which the letter is needed to send. If the group of your subscribers grow, some are removed, some are added again, then sending emails via Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook becomes inconvenient.
It is better if your newsletter is "smart". On your website place a subscription box (most hosting providers provide it as a script and HTML forms). On the website the subscription box is inserted using the INPUT tag, and FORM. The script will collect the mailing addresses of all visitors who want to subscribe with a certain interval will send letters. This method is convenient because the whole process is fully automated, and the address list is always current.
A very important point when creating a mailing list is to send letters to those who are really interested. Be sure to stipulate in his letters to the point at which the subscriber can refuse to continue receiving your emails. And when such a refusal will come, immediately remove the address from its database. Also do not send your emails too often. 1-2 times a month give your readers important information with its payload, to whet your interest.
Make your letter succinct, to the reader wanted to use your services.