You will need
    • figure
    • seaweed laver
    • cucumber
    • salted salmon
    • shrimp
    • vinegar
    • salt
    • sugar
    • wasabi
    • soy sauce
    • ginger
    • butter
Thoroughly rinse the rice in water. Pour into the pan and cook over high heat for about 5 minutes. While the rice is cooking, dissolve in a little vinegar sugar and salt.
When the rice is ready, drain it in a colander. Pour prepared vinegar, stir. Do not interfere much. The movement should be indenting character. It is better to use a wooden spatula. Wait until the rice cools.
Put on a wooden Board, a sheet of nori seaweed and gently put the cooked rice in layers. Flip the seaweed, rice down. Proceed carefully, do not scatter.
Salted salmon cut into neat slices. The slices should be long and thin. Lay the slices on nori in the form of a track.
Pour boiling water over shrimp, drain the water and wait until they cool off. When the shrimp finally will be unfrozen, remove them from the shell. Put shrimp also track, on top of the salmon.
Slice cucumber thin strips. Put it on elevators over the rest of the filling.
Wrap the resulting strip into a roll. Wrap tightly, trying to keep the stuffing from falling out. The edge that was left without rice, it is necessary to moisten the remaining water, and then it will easily stick.
Prepare the dough, whisk one egg with warm water and flour. Make the dough was quite thick. Can a little salt.
Heat the pan butter. Dip into it the prepared platen and fry until the appearance of an appetizing Golden brown. The fire must be strong.
Remove the dish from the heat, slice it into pieces. The knife must be very sharp, otherwise you can mash rolls.
Serve the rolls on a special wooden plates or simple depending on the situation. Preset on the table soy sauce, ginger and wasabi. Wish you a good appetite and delicious rolls!