You will need
    • Figure
    • nori seaweed
    • rice vinegar
    • sugar
    • fish
    • vegetables
    • flying fish ROE
    • Mat for twist rolls
    • a sharp knife with a long blade
    • soy sauce
    • wasabi
    • pickled ginger
Prepare 2 cups of round rice. Better to take a special class designed for sushi and rolls - they have greater adhesion. Fill the same quantity of cold water. Bring for the boil and cook for about 10 minutes Then pour in the filling prepared from 50 ml. of rice vinegar, 30 ml water and 10 g of sugar.
Cover, keep on heat for another 5-7 minutes, then remove from heat, place in a wooden bowl and let cool. If no wooden bowls, line a rimmed enamel canvas cloth, folded in several layers. This must be done to soak up excess liquid, and rice for sushi has acquired the desired consistency.
Cut salmon fillet, avocado, cucumbers, mash the cheese will be at home to Philadelphia." It roll–"Changeling". The filling can be varied to taste. The main principle of the preparation is that the rice is on top of the seaweed, and not Vice versa. Such rolls are easier to eat, they are covered from above or a piece of fish, or breading of calves as the sesame seeds.
Spread a bamboo Mat, put rice on it, then a sheet of nori seaweed, a little moistened with water. Press with the hand, so they stuck together. Mix the cucumber, avocado and cheese "Philadelphia", apply weight on top of the nori. Form a roll, slice it with a sharp knife with a long narrow blade. Each piece of roll wrap striped salmon: not entirely, but only the top half.
Connect in a similar way the rice with nori for California roll. Chop crab meat, mix it with Japanese mayonnaise and cucumber - the stuffing is ready. Wrap the roll, cut each slice of "bread" in the orange tobiko caviar. However, the color of eggs can vary: it also comes in red, black or green - your choice will depend on color of other ingredients.
Brush the slices of roll with Japanese mayonnaise and bake in the oven. Get baked roll, homemade. As a filling you can take the eel, chopped shrimp or mussels. Usually baked rolls eaten hot, but cold they are also delicious. Serve accompanied by soy sauce, ginger and wasabi to your guests delighted.