You will need
    • nori sheets;
    • Fig;
    • rice vinegar;
    • sugar
    • salt;
    • water;
    • tempura flour;
    • egg;
    • cucumber;
    • crab meat;
    • cheese "Almette" or "Philadelphia";
    • fillet of salmon or trout;
    • wasabi;
    • soy sauce;
    • pickled ginger.
Boil the rice until cooked. Add a dressing of rice vinegar, sugar and salt, mix well. While the rice cools, prepare the remaining ingredients.
Cucumbers cut into strips and DAB with a paper towel, so you can remove the extra moisture. Crab meat finely chop with a knife. Raw salmon or trout cut into thin strips.
On a bamboo Mat lay a sheet of nori with the matte side up. Place the rice evenly, top to leave a strip. To make the rice not stick to your fingers, dampen your hands in water with vinegar. Season the rice with wasabi, to do this, RUB the strip in the place where you will put the fish.
Until the middle of the roll lay out the cucumbers. Sprinkle crab meat. In the middle put the strips of fish, grease them up with cheese "Almette" or "Philadelphia". If desired, add tobiko (flying fish ROE). Put the filling across the width of the roll uniformly, it is important not to exceed the edges and at the same time not to make them too thin.
Prepare the batter: whisk the egg, pour a little ice water, mix well. Temporo add the flour, whisk the batter with a whisk. Should get a mixture the consistency of pancake dough. Lumps are allowed, but it is important to whip the batter until bubbles of air, then you will be able to cook the rolls in the tempura in the restaurant.
Roll roll, slightly pressing it with a bamboo Mat. Brush the free edge with water and vinegar and glue roll. Cut it in half to make it easier to fry. Roll roll temporay flour. Then dip it in the batter.
Heat the vegetable oil in a skillet to cook the rolls in the batter. Put rolls in boiling oil and quickly fry until Golden brown. Allow to drain the excess oil.
Cut the rolls in the batter into three equal parts. Serve the finished dish with soy sauce, ginger and wasabi. Rolls in tempura delicious in both warm and cold.