You will need
  • Furniture: chairs, armchairs, Desk, coffee table, shelves, children furniture, computer Desk.
  • Paint/Wallpaper for the walls, ceiling, flooring.
  • Lamps, fluorescent lighting, curtains, dark curtains, partitions.
  • Audio - visual equipment.
  • Potted plants.
Pre-plan division of the office of the psychologist into the work areas below to find the right color, lighting, furniture, tools. Remember that the Cabinet is divided into zones: the work area psychologist, a consultation area and relaxation area writing classes, the area of outdoor activities. Zone plan based on the contingent that you are working with – children, adults, couples, groups, or all at once.
We must start with the color scheme of the office of the psychologist. Choose muted, neutral, pastel tones. The perfect combination of green, blue, warm beige and yellow flowers - they facilitate adaptation in the office, set up in the interaction. The walls, like beige, pale yellow, peach, pale pink. Ceiling best is blue – the color of the sky. The color of the floor/floor covering should be more intense and dark shades. Pick various shades of natural wood, dark green grass, earthy colors. For play areas, on the contrary, you can choose bright colors primary colors, intense lighting, stimulating mental activity. In unnecessary moments of illumination in this zone can be removed, thereby dimming the brightness of colors.
The color of the curtains, the curtains should be in harmony with the color scheme of the Cabinet. Even if the Windows have blinds, choose the blinds. They will soften excessive officialdom and give the office more in control of comfort. Well, if the curtains are slightly richer wall color, or be decorated with flowers of soft furniture. Under the curtains hide a dark(thick) folding curtains, which can be easily lowered.
Thinking through in advance the location of the work areas in the office, pick up the light. It is better that in the office of the psychologist was good natural lighting, almost full blackout, as well as good artificial lighting. In artificial light it is better to use incandescent and fluorescent lights. Last for General lighting, and incandescent lamps - for spot lighting the desired areas.
Pick up the necessary furniture. In addition to working Desk and chair psychologist, in the office there should be three guest chair, two soft, comfortable chairs (small), coffee table, bookshelves, file cabinets, tools, toys, cabinets for appliances, colored removable dividers. Of course, the necessary set correlate with your practice. If you are the only individual therapy and work with the family, reduce the number of guest chairs. If you work exclusively with children – pick the furniture of appropriate sizes, special children's tables and chairs. If you are planning group work – the number of chairs should match the size of the recruited groups.
Now for the arrangement of furniture. Arrange furniture so that you feel comfortable working at their own Desk, and visitors feel at ease in any area. Avoid to put any chairs (including your own) back to the door. The door behind the sitting person causes stress, nervousness and prevents to concentrate on work. To separate different zones, use movable partitions, vertical blinds, shelving. Soft furniture, a coffee table place in the area of counselling and relaxation so that you and your client were seated not opposite each other and at an angle. The psychologist must also have the ability to change the position of furniture in the space and, if necessary, to sit next to the client.
Place clear information for customers outside of work areas, preferably in the waiting area, if any. Educational materials in working areas will be superfluous and distracting.
Put on the right places all equipment – music equipment you need and in the relaxation area and in the area of outdoor activities. Computer hardware used by the psychologist in the work, and computer diagnostics for individual clients. Additional equipment such as, projectors, install in the area of outdoor activities.
In order to create eco-friendly atmosphere, proximity to the natural environment, greening the office. Use dekorativnolistnyh and flowering plants non-aggressive.