You will need
  • - paper and pen;
  • - Internet;
  • skype;
  • - ads;
  • - business cards.
Ask your loved ones to advertise you. This method is called "American". Take a sheet of paper and write down the names of all your friends – they should get more than a hundred. Then, according to the resulting list, call them, ask and I'll let you open a private practice, you can turn to for advice.
Look for clients on forums. Not on well-known forums and communities of psychologists – individual customers without you there and snapped up by experienced professionals. Go to a women's forum, the forum of young parents or even to the forum of motorists – you will surely stumble upon the theme of "Girls, advise a good psychologist."
Set the search string corresponding to the query "looking for a child psychologist in Moscow" (in this case you can turn to the search was solely on the forums), and you will read messages to potential clientswho need you.
It glows in a local newspaper, on radio, on television. People tend to believe what they say in the media, so if you see it on television, a chance to find customers increases. To get started just try to write an article in a newspaper with a story about an interesting case from your practice at the end indicating that you are a practicing psychologist, and leaving your contact information.
Search for potential clients in their habitats. You specializiruetsya on child psychology? We agree with the administration and hang ads in children's entertainment centers, sports schools. Want to help adults cope with stress? Agree with the head of training for office workers. In the allotted time should tell what you do, what help could be provided, leaving your contact details.
Use modern technologies in their work. Now become popular on-line consultation. If you use skype to work with people, your base of potential customers will significantly increase.