Advice 1: How to find clients psychologist

Working time of experienced psychologists with private practice are painted by the minute: as soon as the door closes for one client, as in the study included the following. As a young beginner psychologist to find their patients and gain a customer base?
How to find clients psychologist
You will need
  • - paper and pen;
  • - Internet;
  • skype;
  • - ads;
  • - business cards.
Ask your loved ones to advertise you. This method is called "American". Take a sheet of paper and write down the names of all your friends – they should get more than a hundred. Then, according to the resulting list, call them, ask and I'll let you open a private practice, you can turn to for advice.
Look for clients on forums. Not on well-known forums and communities of psychologists – individual customers without you there and snapped up by experienced professionals. Go to a women's forum, the forum of young parents or even to the forum of motorists – you will surely stumble upon the theme of "Girls, advise a good psychologist."
Set the search string corresponding to the query "looking for a child psychologist in Moscow" (in this case you can turn to the search was solely on the forums), and you will read messages to potential clientswho need you.
It glows in a local newspaper, on radio, on television. People tend to believe what they say in the media, so if you see it on television, a chance to find customers increases. To get started just try to write an article in a newspaper with a story about an interesting case from your practice at the end indicating that you are a practicing psychologist, and leaving your contact information.
Search for potential clients in their habitats. You specializiruetsya on child psychology? We agree with the administration and hang ads in children's entertainment centers, sports schools. Want to help adults cope with stress? Agree with the head of training for office workers. In the allotted time should tell what you do, what help could be provided, leaving your contact details.
Use modern technologies in their work. Now become popular on-line consultation. If you use skype to work with people, your base of potential customers will significantly increase.

Advice 2: How to find a husband in Moscow

Moscow is a big city to find her betrothed doesn't seem so challenging. It is important to consider several key points: where to look, how to meet and how to behave.
How to find a husband in Moscow
In Moscow as men, the capital's residents and visitors. Among them find their true soul mate, with which it will be possible to connect legal marriage? The answer to this troubling question is hidden not too deep.

Where to find undesirable

For a husband is clearly not worth it in entertainment establishments – night clubs, discos, pub. Here men come to relax, have fun, maybe to find a girl for one night, but not to get acquainted with his future wife. With her familiar in other places.

Of course, there is a theoretical chance, but it is insignificant. So not worth the risk. Besides serious suitors in such places practically did not go. Why girl hunting guy here – because there is a risk to attract a guy who likes to drink.

Where to look

If you want come out to marry the decent intelligent man, you have to visit completely different places. In Moscow such opportunities weight – various exhibitions, art galleries, classical music concerts, business clubs, workshops etc – is a partial list of places where you can find the groom.

In order to be always up to date and not to miss the next cultural event, view the press, read ads, go to the online forums.

Open your eyes

It is sometimes useful to narrow it down. It may happen that the groom lives in the same area where the bride, and perhaps even on the same street. Maybe you live in one entrance and meet at the door each day without noticing it?

On your job, in a nearby grocery store, Parking lot, bus – your paths may intersect every day. Yes, Moscow is a big city, no time to look around, but sometimes you have to make exceptions. Let your eyes see It.

Take the initiative

Don't be afraid to talk to me you are interested in the man. The stereotype that you can't do in the past. Many men do not dare to approach the girl they like. So why don't you do it yourself?

Start your conversation easily and naturally as if you have long been familiar. Most likely he will like this openness and it will support the conversation. And there already you'll know that your object or not.

Be prepared

It is a shame, but there will always be a girl younger and more beautiful you, which will go ahead of you, it is something the bride and notice the first. It is not a problem to dress stylishly and beautifully apply makeup. Therefore, in addition to this you need to stand out with something different, such as a grace of manners, air, gait, ability to talk, a good education, ambitious plans.

As it is banal sounds, be yourself, but try to show the best in themselves.
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