You will need
  • Math book for 5th grade
One of the transformations of fractions is their conversion from mixed to improper. Recall that a mixed number consists of a whole number and proper fraction. So, in order to do this conversion you need to:
1) Multiply the denominator of the fraction to the integer part.
2) To the received number, add the numerator.
3) Then the denominator is unchanged, and the numerator write down the number obtained in paragraph 2.Example: 2(3/7)= (14+3)/7= 17/7
Also, this conversion can be performed in another way:1) Submit a mixed fraction as a sum of its integer and fractional parts.
2) provide the integer part of an improper fraction with a denominator corresponding to the denominator of the fractional part of the mixed fraction.
3) Fold the right and improper fractions. The result is the required improper fraction.Example: 2(3/7)=2+3/7=14/7+3/7=(14+3)/7=17/7
If You need to convert a common fraction to a decimal, then divide the numerator to its denominator. Example:
It is worth to add that in division, the result may turn out as a finite (example 2), and infinite (example 1)Recall that a decimal fraction is a fraction, the denominator which contains a power of ten. Form of entry this type of shot, different from ordinary records. It first, write the number that should be in the numerator, and then move to the left a comma on a certain number of characters. This number corresponds to the discharge of the denominator. Example:
678/100=of 6.78
678/1000=of 0.678
In order to make the transition from decimal fractions to common need:
1) take the integer part for the sign fraction.
2) Write in the numerator the number after the decimal point and the denominator of ten in the appropriate category.Example:
1) 23,65=23(65/10^2)=23(65/100)=23(13/20)
2) to 40.1=40(1/10)
Order of plain numbers to make a fraction, imagine that number in a private two numbers. The dividend, thus, will be the numerator and the divisor the denominator.Example: