You will need
  • Computer, Internet access.
If in your Inbox, accumulated a lot of mail, you can carry out cleaning, simply by removing unnecessary messages. Specifically for this, the interface of the search engine implemented the ability to delete multiple emails at once. Remarkably, the user does not need to open every email. All necessary steps are performed directly in the personal account.
To delete from a mailbox a lot of unnecessary emails, the user must perform several steps. The initial action will be to authorize a user in the email system. To do this, open main page of your email, then enter your username and password offered by the online authorization form. After you complete these fields, click on the button "Login". Thus, you will be in a private office in your mailbox.
After a successful login in a search engine, you need to perform the following. Browse incoming messages. To do this, locate the page corresponding to the link after which click it. You will be redirected to a page that will display all incoming emails. If you pay attention to the design, opposite of the theme of each incoming message, you can see empty cells.
Clicking on these cells, you can mark certain letters. If you need to mark all incoming messages on the page at once, in the upper part you will see a separate cell. Put it check all incoming that you see on the page will be automatically marked.
Set the Delete command in the actions with incoming messages, then, confirm the deletion of the appropriate command. For once you can remove from twenty to fifty letters. It is possible for the absolute removal of all mail, you have not once repeat all the above steps.