Properly arrange the accident. Call the police at the scene of the accident. Notify your insurance company about the accident. Fill in the blank notice of accident. Record the culprit of the accident, information about the contract of insurance, as well as details of the insurer. Write down the names, addresses, telephone numbers of witnesses. The traffic police will make the Protocol on administrative offense. Get a copy of the report and certificate of accident (form 12). Check inscribed in the certificate visible damage to the vehicle. Ask them to reflect in the certificate that the vehicle may caused hidden damage.
Get to insurance company form No. 31 (for entering information about the participants of the accident, the vehicles and their damage) and the request to the traffic police.
Get a police certificate in form 31. Get a copy of the decision on an administrative offence.
Contact the appraiser for assessment of the caused damage.
To apply to the insurance company. The application shall attach the following documents:
-the notice about dorozhno-transport incident;
-copy of Protocol on administrative offense,
-the inquiry under the form №12;
-certificate in form No. 31;
-the ruling in the case of an administrative offense;
-copies of vehicle documents (vehicle, registration certificate, power of attorney to car insurance policy, the coupon about passing of technical inspection);
-a copy of your passport;
-report on the assessment of damages.
The insurance company has 30 days to review your application and make the payment.
If the amount of damage exceeds 120 000 rubles or the insurer refused to pay insurance compensation, please give the person responsible for the accident a claim for damages. If he refused to pay, write an application to the court.