Be aware of fear – so it's easier to control. Think about it, should actually be afraid of something that you fear. It often happens that man gives himself the indulgence of his phobias: convinces himself that his fear is normal, begins to avoid any stressful situations. But the fear to go to the balcony or climb on the stool – the irrational, abnormal, and people should understand this. To get rid of fear, it will have to meet "face to face". It is not necessary to solve the problem in one fell swoop and go to jump with a parachute. Such "shock therapy" may be too strong stress to the psyche.
Get used to the height gradually. Athlete, starting your workout with small loads, gradually moving to more weight. Fighting phobia occurs in a similar way. Start with the smallest of overcoming fear, for example, climb to the altitude at which you still do not experience discomfort. Spend there some time, looking down. Next time increase the height by one floor and get used to the new position. For support, you can bring a loved one.
Visualize. Before you go up on high, picture it mentally in every detail. Imagine yourself in this situation, fearless, brave person who does not feel any fear before the height. Visualize before going to sleep the following scenario: as you bravely stand in the edge of the roof, how to successfully fly on a plane, jump with a parachute. Imagination is a powerful thing, so it's possible that soon you will be able to do it really.
Learn to stop panic attacks and relax. Learn basic techniques of lock fears, rapid relaxation and use them in difficult moments. Technique relaxation breathing is a good way to calm down in a stressful situation.
Train in virtual reality. Many video games are very realistic. Firing from the enemy from a helicopter or jumping on the roofs of skyscrapers, you will be able to overcome panic and before the real heights.
Contact your psychologist, if fear of heights can't cope on their own or he delivers all the big inconvenience. A psychologist will be able to deal with the causes of your acrophobia, learn to calm down and relax in stressful situations. Sometimes the fear of height caused by problems with the vestibular apparatus, and this problem can be solved only with the help of a doctor.