You will need
  • dress, sewing machine, thread, matching color, the tape, ruler, decorative ornaments in the form of braid or lace, scissors, chalk and pins.
Do not rush to throw away the boring old clothes, in particular dresses, because they you will be able to make a wonderful new wardrobe items. It will take a few hours and does not require material investment, as required by the purchase of new outfits. How to shorten a dress with their hands, this will be discussed below. What need from you? Stock up on the small amount of time, patience and wide imagination, then you can safely begin to alter outdated outfit.
Put on a long dress, which has long been gathering dust in your closet itself. Stand on heels and go to the big mirror.
Fit the dress, making it different lengths, and mark the one that most came and liked you. Remember, if you make product initially too short subsequently to return it to its original length would be impossible. Carefully and accurately perform all measurements of length.
Schedule any length directly into myself with the help of pins.
Remove the dress and lay it on the table. When you do this, be aware that the product must not have extra folds and assemblies, it should be carefully protogene before the process of shortening. Align the cutting line (the line where the pins) with a flat iron, Zagladin it accordingly.
Take a ruler and chalk, othertime line parallel smoothed at a distance of approximately 1.5 cm from her. This distance will go to the ACC region of your dress.
Cut the product at the target with a chalk line. Treat the edge of the fabric dresses for special overlock.
Take the prepared ribbons or lace. Attach the decoration to the dress so that the edge of the lace was applied to the smoothed band.
Pristrochite on a typewriter lace (braid) to the product. Try on a dress.
In addition to the length of the dress, so you can shorten as desired and sleeves products, and gave them the same decorative trim as the hem of the dress.