You will need
  • Stamps, punches, knife cutter, sewing roll, corner cutter, kapernick, hammer, soft brush, foil
Prepare the necessary tools for the job. Fabricate set of dies (punches). To do this, take a steel or aluminum rods and carved with needle files, simple patterns, letters, numbers. Cut the patterns needed in the form of a mirror. Gears of mechanical watches from the manufacture of knurling that provide wide line. Pipes of different diameter with sharpened edges suitable for punching holes.
To perform a blind-stamped embossing take a punch with the desired pattern and heat it on open fire until about 140оС. The temperature is easier to pick up empirically: heat the punch and test it on the test print.
The heated part of the stamp firmly press to the skin surface and hit the top with a hammer. If relief came not very deep, it should be heat stamped stronger. If the skin podelilas, shorten the heating time of the instrument. Finding the optimal temperature of heating the stamp, proceed to apply the pattern on the working material.
To complete the colorful stamping prepare a special multi-colored foil. Suitable thin foil from candy wrappers or tea. Melt in a tin wax or paraffin. Add the wax a little turpentine so that the material does not freeze, stir well.
With a soft brush foil sheets a thin layer of wax. Now give the wax a few hours to dry. After that, apply a layer of wax tempera paint or watercolour paint mixed with egg white and tooth powder. After several minutes, the foil is ready to use.
Another composition for coating foil cook, adding wax to oil paint. Stir the paint in molten wax, add the turpentine and stir until smooth. With a brush apply the paint to the foil in a thin layer.
Start embossing. Heat on the heat stamp. On the skin put the ceramic paint layer down. On top of the foil put heated stamp. Press the stamp to the foil on top and hit with a hammer. The heated paint will go on the skin and paint the recesses of the relief.