You will need
  • - registration of the enterprise;
  • - registration in tax authorities;
  • - certificate on presence or on absence of debts on payment of taxes and fees (for issuing license);
  • license;
  • - printed tickets or electronic lottery apparatus;
  • - publication of lottery results in the media;
  • prizes.
Before to organize a lottery, determine the range of its potential customers, make monitoring of the market, make a business plan or at least a preliminary feasibility study. Note that under the current legislation in the prize Fund should be built not less than 50% from the sale of the ticketagents. And still need to pay distributors, office rent, designer services, issue of lottery tickets and other.
For the organization of the lottery business:

- register your company;
- put it on the record in the tax service and social funds, state statistics Committee;
- get a license (note, its issuing, you will need a certificate of no debts to the budget).

And start the immediate organization of a lottery!
There are two main options of the lottery. The first involves the ordering and printing of tickets printed with special protective signs, number of the drawing and prize Fund. The new law "On lotteries" turned lottery tickets into printed products "B", that is, each ticket must be a water sign, microlettering, and the background grid of continuous lines. Therefore, work only with printers that have a license for the manufacture of counterfeit-proof printed products.
The second possibility of the organization lottery business is the purchase of an electronic lottery apparatus without printing tickets. Buying the apparatus, you can save on printing of tickets, so think about this possibility of business organization.
Don't forget to think about winning of a lottery winner. He can find out immediately after purchase or during the further drawing. Most lottery firms prefer instant lottery, where the client is able to know the result immediately after the purchase of the ticket. It is very convenient for him. The advantage of the instant lottery is also a simpler process of granting a license. In addition, in the case of the scratch card you will save on publication of results in the media.
If you still intend to do the drawing, choose the media where you will declare the lottery results. Buy air time, space in the newspaper, etc.