Be ready that the first time a perfect boiled egg may fail. Cooking time depends on size of eggs, amount of water poured into the device, model steamers. However, testing the device two or three times, you will choose the best mode. The advantages of cooking eggs for a couple of obvious – after cooking they are easy to clean, shell bursts, but around the yolk is not formed with a bluish film.
Inspect your steamer. Some models have bowl with special grooves for the eggs. If you find such from your device, read the manual – it will specify the period of cooking, which is optimal for a particular model. Pouring water into the device, also follow the instructions.
There are steamers without recesses. They also can cook eggs. Put them right in the bowl. Don't leave them in the water tank, located in the lower part of the device.
Wash the eggs, removing contaminants, wipe them with a towel and place in a bowl or special grooves. If you want to boil a hard-boiled egg, put the timer on for 15 minutes. To get the egg in the bag, cook it for 10-12 minutes, and boiled it to cook for 7 minutes. The same stew and quail eggs. Very small eggs cook faster, especially large will be brewed a little longer.
Your little one loves boiled eggs, and you prefer hard-boiled? Set a timer for 7 minutes, at his signal, remove the egg, which was prepared boiled, and the rest leave be cook by putting another 5-7 minutes extra. Simultaneously with the eggs you can prepare and other dishes for Breakfast, for example scrambled eggs or chopped vegetables. Download them on the second floor of a double boiler.
Eggs prepared over easy, immediately after cooking, remove from the bowl, so they are not overcooked. Those that are poached, you can leave to cool directly in the steamer, not shifting in cold water. From steamed eggs, the shell separated easily, without sticking to svalivsheesya squirrel.