You will need
  • - 5 eggs;
  • - 500 ml of milk;
  • - 20 g of butter;
  • - 1 tsp of salt.
Pre-washed and drained beat eggs in a fairly deep bowl. Then with a fork pierced the yolks, eggs are mixed until a homogeneous light yellow mass. The nuance that you should remember it when you make scrambled eggs in kindergarten: beat the eggs absolutely not, especially before the formation of the foam. They only need to stir only with a fork. Whisk and mixer, helpers here can not be.
Then add to egg mixture with milk, sprinkle with salt and continue without fanaticism to stir. If to avoid the appearance of fluffy foam in this process, when removing from the oven our scrambled eggs to settle.
Oven heated to 200 degrees. Refractory form of grease to the brim with butter, pour the milk-egg mixture and place in the oven on high for 15 minutes. Some people manage to cook the omelet in half an hour. But this is nonsense. The "right" omelet in kindergarten has a dense structure and a small number of holes, but if you increase the time cooked scrambled eggs, the structure becomes porous, the number of holes increases, there is a lot of liquid.
When the omelet is ready (it will be recalled that this occurs after 10 minutes for not holding the heat in the kitchen 15), pour it creamy melted butter. Incidentally, the velvet structure of the omelet is partly thanks to butter. To replace the plant in any case it is impossible, unless, of course, do not wish to receive instead of the omelette sole. Silky and soft eggs in the omelet will make butter.