Learn how to beatbox you can, however, have to put a lot of effort and devote a lot of time training.
The basic sounds of beatbox:
classic kick: you can say that this is the sound "Boom" - less voices in the strongly compressed lips. In bit is denoted by the letter "b".
hi-hat: this is the sound "Shh", and variations that sound great variety. In bit is usually labeled "hi-hat"
snare drum (sner): this is the sound "Diss", it is necessary to try to make loud and clear. In a bit the sound is denoted by "Tsh".
Having dealt with the sounds and focusing on working out enough time, start to build a bit. In one cycle usually 8 sounds (professionals put 16 sounds). Start slowly and gradually gaining momentum: B t t B Tsh Tsh t...the combination is repeated.
The most important rule is do not feel embarrassment and do not hesitate yourself! Of course, at first sounds will sound strange and even ridiculous. Don't be discouraged and keep training. You can include hip hop and tap the rhythm along with the music.
Try not to overexert yourself if the throat is still sore, drink some hot tea and take a short break.
Having mastered the basic sounds, start learning new challenging bits, for example:
handclap snare: denoted by "K". attach the sides of the tongue close to the sky, quickly make a short exhalation through the mouth so that the air stream passed through any hole on the side between the tongue and palate. For example, Pf Bm Bm t t Bm BBm Bm Pf t Pf t Pf t t Bm.
If the sounds fit together, this means that you need to say them without a pause.