You will need
  • - the application for registration;
  • - the list of goods with your brand filed under international classification of goods and services.
The brand is registered only for legal entities or individual entrepreneurs, as is the element of entrepreneurship. For individuals to register not. The brand is created directly at the firm, which is going to register. Can you think of the brand yourself, or to contact the advertising Agency where creative minds will create a tenacious memory and a commodity image (the brand).
In the first case, you will save money, and the second will receive a professionally designed version based on the market trends and current legislation. But the services of advertising agencies will cost from 300 to several thousand specific units.
Once you decide the name and logo, choose a list of products you intend to mark. They will need to specify in the application in Rospatent, smashing on goods and services, grouped according to the classes of the International classification of goods and services (ICGS). Do it better with the help of professionals: more likely, will not refuse to register.
With the intention of patenting the brandand don't forget to check it for uniqueness. That is to make a preliminary trademark search for similar names in a particular activity. If the search has shown that your brand "clean", start applying.
Here you can act independently or through a patent attorney. Paying the state fee, apply at the Patent office, in this case, Rospatent, and wait for the results of the expert validation. If all goes well, in a month you need to get the "Decision on acceptance of the application for consideration."
Of course, this is not certificate pinning for your brand, but nevertheless, this document gives you the right to label your goods. Usually check the brandand takes about 1.5 years, but some manage to get it in 5-6 months. Accelerates registration of brandand conventional application abroad for the Commission of similar procedures under the Madrid Protocol.
After receiving the certificate of registration don't forget again to pay the state fee, otherwise it may cancel. The certificate is valid for 10 years and can be renewed an infinite number of times.