You will need
  • Personal computer, Internet
Try to read the error text, even if it is given in English, and understand what happened. You will learn the cause of the error. On the screen can be proposed workarounds. You may even have to reinstall drivers. If your computer has the "blue screen", then it makes sense to access system settings.
Enter BIOS setup utility. This you can do by pressing "F8" when the computer is booted. As soon as the computer starts, immediately click the key. You get into the BIOS settings. All BIOS need to be set to "defaults", that is, settings should be default. Remove all programs from startup, as it heavily loads the system. If the computer restarts, you should try to disable reboot. For this you need to turn on the computer.
Download Windows. Click "start". Select the menu item "settings", then select "control Panel". Find the tab "System". Select "advanced". Look for the section "startup and recovery". Uncheck the column "automatically restart". As a result, the computer will not reboot, but will instead receive a "blue screen", that is BSOD. It will be written text, which sets out the essence of failure. If the screen is the word "error", read the Internet description.
The blue screen error can be quite different. This error can manifest itself is not always, however, if you do not configure the system to eliminate this error, the computer will be some disruption even if you reinstall the operating system. All error codes of the Windows operating system is described on the website