To distinguish the product made of platinum, from jewelry made of white gold, you should know that platinum is a natural white metal, and gold to obtain a white color add some impurities (for example, rhodium plated). The coating can wear off, and the product at the same time acquire dull yellow color.
To distinguish between platinum and white gold, compare weight products. Engagement ring made of platinum will be much heavier than the same ring made of white gold.
Consider carefully test the mark located on the jewelry. For different metals use different form of trial and the stigma of possible values of the sample. So, gold may take one of the following samples: 999, 958, 750, 585, 500, 375. For platinum on the test mark is provided with numerals indicating the fineness: 950, 900, 850.
Pay attention to the strength of metal you have before you, and its resistance to wear. During the processing any metal wears out, however, platinum remains unchanged and timeless, while products made from white or yellow gold may require repair and replacement of worn-out parts with new metal.