First we need to make a speaker enclosure. Better suited for this high-quality plywood with a thickness of 10-12 mm. you will Also need a thicker sheet of plywood or Board, which will be made the front cover of the speakers. Instead of plywood you can also use chipboard.
With the help of carpentry tools cut the wall of the column, the front panel and the back wall. In the front wall it is necessary to make three holes matching the size of the speakers. Holes can be cut with a jigsaw or band saw notched cutting. The bottom will be the biggest woofer in the middle - midrange and upper - treble speaker. Between the speakers and the surface of the front wall, you must install the rubber strip.
For getting sound out of all internal surfaces of the columns are pasted over with felt. The body Assembly is performed using screws and glue. After assembling the front panel and the walls need to bring in a speaker wire and connect the terminals to the outside of the rear wall. Speaker link is carried out in a parallel fashion. After installing the wiring inside the dynamics close the rear wall and screw its screws.
In the manufacture of speakers large size within it is necessary to make ribs in order to avoid unpleasant rattle the speakers. From the bottom of column it is necessary to attach the special rubber feet or metal spikes. To give a pleasant appearance of the Cabinet can be pasted with film or paint.